People counting
Real-time bi-directional people counting and tracking
Dwell Time
Measurement of permanence time in configurable areas of any shape
People Tagging
Tag people by body features or fusion with other location sensors
People Tracking
Path monitoring by re-identification of tagged people

Robust and accurate people counting/tracking in all environments

Short, mid and long range

Main people counting/tracking applications

Retail Intelligence
Conversion rate, permanence time, retail analytics
Smart Cities
Outdoor people counting, on-board passenger counting
Access Control
Anti-tailgating, anti-trespassing, time&attendance fraud prevention
Bus, trains, airports, ships

ENLITEON's winning business model

Quickest time to market

Minimize development time and beat competition on time

Minimum initial investment
Test and implement solutions with very limited investment
Vendor neutral
Seamlessly pick, mix or replace different vendors' state-of-the-art 3D sensors
Technology independent
Handles stereovision, structured light and ToF sensors hiding their differences

Most appreciated software features

Unified Local and Cloud API

Develop on a single API forgetting platform dependencies

Backwards compatible

Preserve in time prior investments enjoying unified SDK & cloud API

Seamessly scalable

Easily grow and enhance your system with no limits

Private and secure

Protects personal privacy and data ownership

ENLITEON business partners

3D video sensor manufacturers
Partnering to deliver latest 3D technology to people tracking market
People analytics companies
Transforming ENLITEON's data into actionable reports and dashboards
VARs and systems integrators
Exploiting ENLITEON's flexibility to deliver retail and security solutions
Complementary manufacturers
Embedding ENLITEON's middleware in own proprietary products