Real-time occupancy monitoring in major Venice place of worship

enliteon people counting

The challenge

A trusted ENLITEON Value Added Reseller has installed a visitor counting system in a major place of worship in Venice. The site is visited by an average of about ten thousands people per day with peaks of two thousands per hour. This is a religious site that is visited both by tourists and by the faithful who follow the daily religious services in a separate dedicated chapel.

A reliable visitor counting system was essential to ensure visitors’ safety and to monitor maximum occupancy limits particularly after the outbreak COVID-19 pandemic.


The Solution

Three 3D cameras were installed at the front main entrances, while a third was installed in the side door. In this way the entire flow of incoming and outgoing visitors is constantly monitored.


Ther Benefit

Now the Patriarchate of Venice has the possibility to count daily the number of paying and non-paying visitors that access the site. During daylight hours it is allowed to enter only within the limit number. At the evening closing there is the certainty that nobody has stayed inside.