What is a People Counting Camera?

People Counting Camera can be defined as a 3D vision device used to track and analyze human motion.
It can be considered as a tool for 3D shape acquisition applied to people counting, that can work with different systems based on various technologies.

There are 3 different types of People Counting Camera which all use the same “non contact”, “optical” techniques, but they differ in the active methods for 3D shape acquisition.


  • Intel R200
  • Intel Euclid
  • Intel D415
  • Intel D435


  • ASUS Xtion
  • Occipital
  • Sense 3D scanner
  • Kinect V1
  • Google Tango Tablet
  • Orbbec Astra S
  • Intel SR300


  • PMD CamCube 2.0
  • PMD CamBoard
  • MESA SR 4000
  • MESA SR4500
  • Creative Senz 3D
  • SoftKinetic DS325
  • Google Tango Phone

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