EDGE | multiplatform software for people counting, tagging and tracking

  • Transforms any consumer or industrial 3D camera in a people tracker/counter
  • 3D Technology agnostic, platform independent, vendor neutral
  • Bi-directional passage counting
  • Measures dwell time in user definable zone
  • Up to 30 fps tracking with high accuracy (3D camera dependent)
  • Unified Local and Cloud API
  • Fully preserves personal privacy

Robust - Exploiting the latest 3D video technologies  ENLITEON EDGE software delivers simultaneous counting of any number of people with excellent levels of accuracy and robustness. In fact, the use of 3D cameras guarantees a robust shape detection and background/foreground separation. Moreover, unlike 2D cameras, it is not limited by shadows and lighting conditions.

Flexible - ENLITEON EDGE works short and long range,  indoor and outdoor allowing configuration of arbitrary size and shape of the counting area. EDGE measures direction of movement, speed, presence and dwell time.

Universal - EDGE has been ported to many  hardware platforms and is available as a software license. The differences among the various sensor technologies and brands are handled by EDGE freeing application developers from hardware dependencies and speeding up development time.

Smart - ENLITEON EDGE can differentiate persons from animals, shopping carts, luggage, etc..  Nearby people are detected and counted separately, a feature useful in case of crowded situations or  piggy-backing attempts.

Designed for integration - A comprehensive and powerful API allows seamless network integration in mobile apps and third-party supervisory systems. ENLITEON software creates a layer of abstraction accessible by MQTT and RESTful API allowing integrators quick development of applications portable on multiple hardware platforms while minimizing time-to-market.

Cloud-ready - Support for multiple cloud platforms makes EDGE an intrinsically scalable solution allowing the design of systems capable of seamlessly growing in size and geography.

Customizable - Upon request, ENLITEON can provide business partners with design and support services for the implementation on multiple hardware and software platforms of their own branded products to minimize time-to-market.

Cost effective - In times of continuous technological evolution, platform independence protects investment during the entire product life cycle, reducing production and development costs while preserving precious backwards compatibility.


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